Reutech Solutions offers a complete range of System Safety Assessment Services, to identify and mitigate or possibly eliminate any possible safety risks on the equipment or system.

The probability and severity of each of the possible hazards are identified to determine the criticality and thus the priority of action in terms of the possible hazard.

The following services are provided:

Safety Assessments


  • System Safety Analysis can be performed in terms of various safety standards eg. ARP 4761, Mil-Std 882E, RTCA DO 178B etc.
  • Identify possible safety critical hazards for mitigation
  • Development of a Safety Case
  • Providing the necessary Safety Documentation for review at PDRs and CDRs
  • Development of the underlying reliability data for use in the Safety Case through reliability predictions
  • Development and maintenance of the Hazard Register with particular emphasis on the individual who has been assigned responsibility for the Hazard and the corrective action (if any).
  • Identify Software Development Level requirements on software configuration items
  • Giving inputs to the design process in terms of possible safety hazards