Reliability growth is crucial to the sustained availability of equipment to end users. FRACAS (Failure Recording and Corrective Action System) is a closed-loop corrective action system that enables test engineers, field representatives and depot personnel to collect pertinent data related to defective parts.

FRACAS supports a formal method for reporting and investigating failures and their causes as well as developing appropriate and effective actions to correct problems. These are key activities to improve Operational Availability (Ao), product quality and safety.

Through trend analysis the failure rates and patterns of a system can be monitored to forecast possible future failures and to assist in the development of appropriate and effective corrective or preventive actions.

The following questions are typically answered through this process:



  • How many units are being returned for repair per month?
  • What does the reliability trend line look like?
  • What were the top 10 defective parts last month?
  • What were the top 30 defective parts last year?
  • What is the average time required to repair a particular part?
  • What percentage of defects is related to supplier workmanship?
  • What remaining assets need an engineering change incorporated?
  • What is the measured mean time between failures (MTBF)?
  • Is the MTBF getting better or worse?