Reutech Solutions offer pipeline inspections with state of the art technology at affordable rates, without compromised quality or features to manage all your pipeline integrity threats.

Remote video and remote Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections are typically used to complement other inspection techniques or where internal access is restricted.

  • Periodic inspections are beneficial to determine existing conditions and perform preventive maintenance.
  • After service inspections are useful to verify cleaning, conditions and ensure compliance.
  • New construction inspection to display the quality of work and offer customer assurance & verify conformance to customer specifications

Reutech Solutions verifies pipeline integrity and inspects the related components to confirm whether they are functioning properly. The inspection helps to facilitate that the pipelines are designed, built and operated in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner.



The main inspection performed as shown above encompasses a Full HD (1920x1080) video inspection file, snapshot files, audio recording files, coded defects by a qualified site technician, customized client logo on video and optional extras such as Lidar inspection recordings.



Our equipment is capable of navigating pipes from 180mm diameters and upwards, with distances ranging from 300m to 1000m. Additional wireless solutions for even greater lengths are available on request.



Our camera system is capable of performing Full HD video recordings with a Pan and Tilt operation of 180 degrees and a Zoom operation of 20 x optical and 12 x digital for optimal fault detection and reporting.



Directly after the site inspection we provide a report of our findings generated in real-time with additional electronic files such as fault snapshots and audio recordings. Our video file is high definition and will allow examination of any defects or points of interest closely. A meter counter and clock reference allows you to easily pinpoint the exact location of areas of interest.



Lidar profiling provides additional information that can be used in conjunction with your CCTV report. Measurements from the Lidar are used to determine flaws and deformations such as ovality and at the same time a 3D model of the environment is constructed to gain a better understanding of the sampled environment as seen in the image below. Post-processing is required.



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Reutech Solutions subscribes to a set of ethical values that, among others, foster integrity, respect, honesty and openness. The ethos of the group includes personal accountability and individual empowerment.

The board and management endorse the principles of fairness, responsibility, accountability and transparency as set out in the King report on Corporate Governance in South Africa.

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