Special projects from Reutech Solutions: support, installations and high-quality products

The commercial communications and energy production sectors are fast moving environments, with an emphasis on updates, maintenance and new technology. No business is exactly the same, so it's important to have specialised installations that take your unique makeup into account. The whole process is a delicate combination of quality products and insightful services. You need a supplier who offers the best of both. With Reutech's special projects division, you get exactly that.

Reutech Solutions offers a broad range of both military and industrial grade products and services. Through-life support ensures that your installation uses the best available expertise for each stage of its lifespan. After all, quality maintenance on a system that was faulty to begin with can only make so much difference. If you're going to invest in broadband or renewable energy technology, for example, it's always best to do it properly from the start.

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Broadband managed services and other specialised projects, from Reutech

At Reutech Solutions, we understand the need for diversified and professional support in the business world. We offer products and services for broadband managed services and renewable energy solutions. It's an investment, though, and like any other product used in business, we know you'll need optimised performance to make it worthwhile.

Through-life support plays a big role in ensuring you get the most use possible from your product. This doesn't just mean maintenance for existing installations, but planning for future use as well. Surveys, cost estimates and site management during the initial setup, can all help to create a more rewarding user experience in the long run. Decreasing the amount of time you spend repairing modules, for example, hinges strongly on creating a solid platform for your hardware in the beginning.

BTS equipment commissioning, which includes: 

  • design
  • installation
  • commissioning
  • maintenance and management of various telecommunication and solar energy infrastructures

Experience the benefits of professional, comprehensive support and products for:

  • Broadband installations – We are a licensed supplier and specialist in Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) products. Our extensive products offerings and expertise translate into streamlined support, reliable supply and quick installations for your broadband installation.
  • Renewable energy – Solar power installations from Reutech are a self-contained and efficient energy solution. Create dependable electricity right on your own doorstep, get professional maintenance and upgrade services when and where you need them.
  • Engineering procurement projects – Ultimately, a large portion of our attention is focused on dependable, consistent and comprehensive support. We offer wireless and fixed line telecommunication maintenance solutions, as well as through-life support for solar energy installations.

From renewable energy to broadband services, you can trust Reutech. Visit us today, for more information on our range of special projects and services; start getting better performance from your systems today.