Solar renewable energy – The face of sustainable power

The global energy demand has been on the increase and this calls for innovative, readily available generator systems. The power demand needs to be met with well calculated strategies in a bid to reduce the over reliance on fossil fuels. Furthermore, the world is moving towards green initiatives aimed at ensuring increased use of renewable energy sources. Solar power offers a promising source of green energy.

This natural resource can be derived from a conversion process of the sun's rays into electricity. Sunlight is the most abundant power source but its potential remains largely unexploited. As of 2008, it accounted for only 0.02% of the total global energy consumption. The renewable power generation can be achieved through the use of photovoltaic cells or by indirectly concentrating the sun's rays. The photovoltaic technology converts the energy obtained from the sun's rays into electric currents through the use of solar cells.

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A closer look at renewable energy products

The electric currents touched on earlier can be instantaneously used or stored for later. Here we learn more about how these cells convert to energy and other methods of use. 

  • The photovoltaic (PV) cells are made of an array of silicon pieces positioned under a thin glass piece. The cells have both positive and negative charge and the current produced is in the form of Direct Current (DC) electricity. This explains why the power can be stored in batteries. 
  • These cells take a large amount of sunlight and turn it into smaller amounts of electricity. Initially, this will require the set-up of bigger cells in order to convert enough sunlight into a valuable resource.

The solar renewable energy can also be utilised in solar thermal power stations.

  • The concept behind this type of generation is basically the application of thermodynamic power generation cycles. Such plants utilise the sun’s rays to heat the working fluid in order to produce steam. The steam created is fed to a turbine from where it is expanded to do mechanical work by driving the generator rotor. Electricity is thus produced. The main drawback in this type of indirect solar power generation is the inability of the plant to generate enough energy during cloudy days.

Any renewable energy project has a number of advantages

Solar power is clean and inexhaustible. It cannot be depleted like fossil fuels and thus provides a good alternative for future energy needs. Additionally, solar power is friendly to the environment; reducing the effects of global warming. The emission of greenhouse gases can be considerably reduced. What's more, this type of energy provides the best alternative for remote application due to its easy-to-install feature. Solar panels also have the advantage of operating silently thus eliminating noise pollution. The panels have a considerable lifespan that range from 30 years and above, as well as extremely low maintenance.

Solar renewable power is in its initial stages of development and in the recent past, there have been concerted efforts towards scientific research and its advocacy. The future energy needs might entirely depend on this, and other renewable resources. At Reutech, we are privy to this technology and can bring it to your venture.

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