Reutech through life support solutions maximise your system’s lifespan

As a business or plant owner commissioning systems equipment, it's assumed that your machinery will degenerate over time.

From design to site acquisition, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), installations, upgrades and eventual decommissioning, your equipment's lifespan usually depends on how you use it. You need a servicing and support plan that helps you through each step of operating these systems. It's with this in mind that through life support is such a valuable customer service.

When it comes to reliability, defence systems are an example of the importance of professional maintenance and support services. Machinery and equipment need to be kept in pristine working order to get the best, most effective use out of it. Reutech Solutions provides specialist through life expertise and engineering services for business systems. Consider it an investment in your own assets, implemented at either a specific installation point, or covering the product's entire lifespan.

Full turnkey support solutions from Reutech improve equipment performance at every step of its lifecycle. Log on today for more information on these and other valuable engineering support services, and start getting more out of your systems and equipment.

Engineering life support solutions improve and prolong equipment performance

Through life engineering is about keeping running costs low and getting the best operational value for your product's lifespan. In industries where operation costs can reach enormous levels, support solutions aren't just useful, they’re crucial. Reutech's combination of analytical software and engineering expertise and services is designed for cost effective, efficient support. A few of the tools used by this company include:

  • VisualSPARTM
  • SUPERSMITHTM Weibull/Weibayes
  • RELEX reliability analysis tool with 217Plus reliability data
  • V-Metric
  • MAAP
  • Reliability Engineering Workbench
  • Ratheon Eagle LSA/LSAR
  • LSAR Data Validation tool (Mil-Std-1388-2B or Def-Stn 0060)
  • @Risk
  • Bespoke MS ACCESS models
  • Bespoke spreadsheet models
  • Toolbook CBT development software
  • IETM software

When equipment costs run high, it's important for business owners to know they're getting the best performance possible from them. Armed with the latest cutting-edge technology, and experience with the defence industry, Reutech's support solutions offer a comprehensive business service.

A few of these useful solutions include:

  • analysis of plant/equipment field failure data (Weibull, Weibayes, Crow-AMSAA)
  • assessing hazards by HAZAN/probabilistic risk assessment
  • between failure (MTBF) compliance for contractors and subcontractors
  • characterisation of equipment in terms of wear out and warranty life
  • failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA/FMECA) at plant level and equipment level
  • hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
  • optimisation of maintenance schedules
  • performing real measurable reliability growth, using Failure Recording and Corrective Action Systems (FRACAS) as well as Failure Review Boards (FRB)
  • prediction of spares requirements for operation and phase out
  • plant availability/reliability block diagram analysis (VisualSPARTM Modelling)
  • plant reliability and availability predictions as well as the establishment of cost per unit of throughput (e.g. R/ton, R/Kℓ)Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM II) analysis
  • reliability Qualification Testing (RQT) to demonstrate plant/equipment mean time
  • risk-based obsolescence management
  • root cause analysis of plant/equipment failures
  • scheduling of equipment maintenance task intervals for less plant downtime
  • system safety analysis/probabilistic risk assessment

Invest in your equipment's lifespan, with support solutions from Reutech

Your defence system is worth money to you. Why let it degrade and lose value?

Contact Reutech today, on 011 652 5555, for through life support services that protect your equipment through every phase of its lifecycle.