Reutech Solutions: for professional solar energy installations

Solar energy is a resource with a lot of popularity in business and private building parks, plants and installations. It's a move that can be influenced by factors such as oil prices (which are volatile on a good day) and maintenance operations, which can be expensive.

One of the biggest reasons, though, is a push for environmentally friendly power. Many companies opt for renewable energy in order to cut out harmful refinery emissions and by-products.

Reutech Solutions provides renewable power installations in the form of solar energy systems for individuals, companies and organisations in South Africa. Ultimately, the efficacy of this kind of system is that it produces energy at a minimal cost to the owner and the environment. Contact us on 011 652 5634 and discover the benefits of renewable power today.

Enjoy the advantages of solar energy systems from Reutech

Solar energy makes use of photovoltaic panels which conduct and convert sunlight into electricity. Typically, one of these systems consists of dozens of separate components used to catch the sun's rays and convert them into power. Additionally, installations will store excess electricity in batteries, for use at night or in overcast conditions.

As an answer to energy availability alone, this power is sustainable, renewable and cost effective. A few other solar energy advantages include:

  • independent power usage – Managing a site can be frustrating if you're dependant on public power grids. If a blackout occurs for whatever reason, it can hamper productivity, and a surge could even damage machines and equipment. Solar energy systems mean the option of 'going off the grid', operating from your own sustainable electricity stores. If the city power system shuts off, you'll be completely self contained.
  • zero emissions – 'Green' energy production is more than just a buzzword or flighty concept. It's an important factor in many business plans, where the impact of production on the environment is an actual concern. Its characteristic absence of greenhouse gas emissions means less of a contribution to global climate change.  Studies have also confirmed that producing the solar cells themselves results in less hazardous pollution than the manufacturing of fossil fuel.

Get more out of your power supply, with Reutech solar energy solutions

It's hard to argue against the advantages of solar energy systems. Electricity production doesn't get more efficient, self-contained or environmentally friendly than renewable power installations. Contact Reutech today to find out more about how our energy systems can benefit you or your business.