Reutech: engineering procurement excellence for a variety of projects

Every engineering project needs a professional eye, in order to ensure safety standards and high-quality workmanship.

From conception to the creation of the final product itself, an experienced team and turnkey solutions can save you time and money. Reutech offers a selection of engineering procurement services for various specialist fields. We provide wireless and fixed line telecommunication infrastructures, as well as solar panelling systems and other installations.

Engineering projects like these are a matter of precise workmanship, research and professional design. From the initial feasibility studies, to procurement, construction and supply of related products, it's important to get a thorough, professional job done. With Reutech, you'll have all of these processes available from one central service provider.

Whether you're looking for a complete set of services for your engineering projects or individual modules, Reutech has the expertise and tools you need. Log on today, and get procurement services that match your business requirements.

Are your engineering projects benefiting from professional expertise?

Procurement contracts are a popular option for businesses that require commercial-scale systems and installations done at a professional level. Two of the bigger attractions to this engineering service are:

  1. Turnkey solutions – As business owner or manager, you're forced to consider the bottom line first. How much the project will cost, and what profit you'll make or how long you can benefit from it. Packages that cost more than they're worth, or offer services that are outside of what your business actually needs are pointless dead weight.

    At Reutech, we offer the option to customise the package you purchase, and to choose services based on your requirements. A real turn-key package offers the right combination of services to be instantly valuable and relevant to the project at hand.
  2. Extensive, relevant expertise – A lack of quality photovoltaic products is something that could cost you a lot of money down the line. Without feasibility tests, maintenance, upgrades, and approved tools and techniques, an installation or system could quickly fall apart.

    Reutech's special projects division focuses on:

    a.    Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
    b.    the establishment of infrastructures
    c.    upgrades and maintenance
    d.    supplying related products

As a business, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and prompt, expert workmanship. Our list of supported projects includes:

  • BTS site construction for civil, electrical and RF clients
  • BTS equipment installation and commissioning
  • site acquisitions
  • RF upgrades
  • design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and management of telecommunication infrastructures and solar energy installations

Our service packages incorporate Candy and Build Smart integrated management software packages.

What can engineering procurement do for your business today?

Ultimately, managing a plant installation or photovoltaic system project requires expertise, resources and insight. Reutech's engineering procurement services give you the tools you need to research, manage and maintain one of these projects properly.

Call us today, on 011 652 5555, for engineering services and professional engineering products.