Reutech brings you a viable renewable energy solutions

At Reutech Solutions, we believe in sustainability and the advancement of renewable energy as a source of power to modern businesses. This is why we proudly provide this service as part of our holistic and comprehensive renewable energy solutions.

The South African industry is quickly moving towards a more sustainable way of operating, and these power sources play a vital role in the trend as they allow companies of any size to play their part in environmental upliftment. With this ease of access that this provides various companies, green technology is now accessible to the masses.

Not only are renewable sources of energy a responsible tool for developing a sustainable business, they also provide other benefits. Cost-savings are a major factor when it comes to utilising environmentally friendly methods of powering your building. Now, instead of having to consistently pay exorbitant electricity bills, your power will be supplemented by solar energy - which is maintained at a relatively low cost. Additionally, your corporate image will benefit from publicising the use of these 'responsible' technologies by your venture.

Renewable energy - a myriad of power sources for your business.

As we learn more about utilising the Earth's resources as a method of creating a sustainable presence for businesses on Earth. Your organisation can benefit from an array of renewable energy solutions such as:

  • Solar panels - Sunlight is free and converting that energy into a viable source of power for businesses is a fairly simple process. The installation of photovoltaic panels, and its concentrated counterpart CPV, can greatly reduce the costs of energising your offices and related premises. This is a widely recognised method of energy reduction in modern industry.

Contact us for all of your renewable energy solutions or for information regarding how you can incorporate this technology into your business. You can do this by simply filling out the form, and one of our representatives will get hold of you shortly.