Renewable energy, with solar panels from Reutech

Any business installation is only as useful as the energy powering it. Limited, non-renewable power sources mean production levels, efficiency and reliability are dependent on a system that could, for a number of reasons, run out.

Operating an industrial plant on municipal power grids, for example, puts you at risk of power failures. If you're going to get optimised results from your equipment, when and as you need them, you'll need dependable, renewable energy. And you'll get it, with solar panels from Reutech Solutions.

We offer a selection of cutting-edge photovoltaic and concentrated photovoltaic technology for use in industrial plant environments. As part of our turnkey solution offering, we provide everything from design, to installations and operations. Our solar panel installation services put energy production into the hands of the installations using it.
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How does your solar panel installation operate?

Renewable power isn't a new concept, and neither is solar panelling. Photovoltaic (PV) energy generates electricity. These panels, when installed, convert sunlight into a sustainable form of energy with a wide range of uses. But how do they work, exactly?
Solar energy cells consist of silicone plates, combined with other elements, absorb and store photons from naturally occurring sunlight. These cells, or semiconductors, store the energy associated with photons and convert it into electricity. The absorbed photons in a PV cell knock loose electrons, which generate electricity. This translates into a continuous, renewable source of power.
Reutech offers a more efficient alternative to the traditional PV cell in the field of renewable energy. Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) installations incorporate specialised reflective plates, which magnify the light being absorbed by a PV cell. Built onto a large enough field of cells, these dramatically increase the amount of electricity produced during the course of a day.
Reutech's service selection covers a wide range of fields for renewable energy production. Benefitting from our telecommunications industry experience, we offer professional product packages, including:
  • Design and construction services - These incorporate installation and project management, as well plant site commissioning. A crucial element to this part of our portfolio is our comprehensive grid tied and standalone solar plant maintenance packages.
  • Solar equipment sourcing and supply - This ensures that your site will benefit from top-quality machinery.

Reutech: installing solar panels that work for your business

It's not difficult to see the benefits of a renewable power source in an industrial or business environment. With the right solar panel configuration at work for you, your business will have access to reliable, self-generated electricity. With minimal environmental impact to worry about, and turnkey installation, it's energy you can bank on - for its full lifespan.
Discover solar panels, and what they can do for your energy production process, today, with Reutech Solutions.