PV Tracker Workshop

On the 6th November 2013 a workshop was held at the premises of Reutech Solutions showcasing the latest technology in PV single axis trackers from Convert Italy. This single axis tracker was added to the mix of current solar technologies presently available within our R&D facility. To view the improved performance of the installed base visit the Sunny Portal site.

Convert Italy provided a small demonstration version of their single axis tracker which we installed at our solar R&D site in Midrand.

Single Axis Tracker

Changes to the existing solar installation were implemented, this involved relocating one of the 3KW fixed tilt single phase installations from the roof of Nashua Mobile’s head office and reinstalling the system onto a single axis tracker located on the open ground adjacent to Nashua Mobile’s building.

3 identical single phase 3KW systems were installed onto the Nashua building a few years ago and one of these systems was converted to a tracking solution. The reason for this was to keep all factors equal so that the performance benefit of tracking to fixed systems could be evaluated.

These systems are networked and cumulative data can be viewed via SMA’s sunny portal website.

Below is an example of the performance difference achieved for a single day (30 October) between the fixed and tracked systems.





As can be seen above, the tracked solution has a much flatter power production profile and for this particular day equates to more than 30% increase.

For more information on single axis trackers please contact our Renewable energy division.