Naval Weapon Station from Reutech delivered

Three Super Sea Rogue weapon stations were fitted to patrol boats by the French shipyard OCEA delivered to the Benin Navy in March 2012.

The boats are applied in an anti-piracy role.

The 550kg weapon stations were fitted with a 20 x 139 mm automatic cannon (Denel GI-2). With an elevation range of -25° to +60° the weapon has an effective range of about 2,000m. These systems are now only offered with the more powerful and robust Rheinmetall 20 x 128mm cannon.

The South African Navy has trialled the Super Rogue on their River Class Mine Hunter. The systems are likely destined as main weapon for the SA Navy's planned inshore patrol vessels (IPV's) and as secondary weapons for the offshore patrol vessels (OPV's). Both classes belong to project Biro, which is likely to start during 2015.

A lighter version of the Super Sea Rogue remote weapon station, armed with a 12,7 mm machine gun, is used for close-in protection on South Africa's four Meko A200 Frigates. Until now these ships are equipped with two weapon stations each, and two more are to follow. The United Arab Emirates have also acquired these weapon stations for their Coast Guard. (Translated from article by H Heitmann)

Naval Weapon Station from Reutech delivered