Get high-quality dynamic control systems from Reutech

Even the most advanced defence system is only as accurate and reliable as the controls being used to guide it.

There are a range of tools and networks available for easy access to on-site, remote-controlled weapons and defence installations. Dynamic control systems provide access to and guidance over a range of platforms, and can be custom built to accommodate the specific requirements of your workplace.

In this light, Reutech offers the following services and mediums to its clientele, in order to facilitate more streamlined control over their defence systems:

  • Telecommunications
  • Satellite
  • Radar
  • Transportation Services Fare Management
  • Resource and Asset Management

One of our more notable services is the manufacturing and supply of Rogue remote controlled weapons platforms; fitted and installed on various South African and foreign military vehicles, as well as vessels. With more than 40 years of experience as an industry supplier, we’re a strategic piece in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) structure.

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Reutech: for high-quality defence industry control systems and services

Dynamic control systems from Reutech form part of our defence system division, integrating everything from gun drives to remote systems. Weapon stabilising and fire directing solutions mean better control and less of a negative impact on your equipment.

These communications solutions are built with software-defined radios that have embedded electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) in them. This lessens the effects of electronic countermeasures used against weapons systems and electronic sensors aboard ships, land vehicles and aircraft. They also provide opportunities for data linking and networking, giving improved communication between bases, stations and weapons platforms.

The three dynamic control fields provided by Reutech communications include: 

  • Control systems – Providing a comprehensive set of tools and utilities, this division of Reutech develops and produces software and electro-mechanical systems for gun and turret platforms. Services provided by the division incorporate:

    • Sea Rogue Turrets
    • Super Rogue Turrets
    • Land Rogue Turrets
    • The Low-Weight Rogue Weapon Station
    • electric gun drives
    • naval fuses
    • radar sensors
  • Electric drives – Fire direction and gun drive systems are extremely technical, advanced mechanical setups that aim guns of different sizes. Reutech has been supplying the South African Armour Corps with these systems for over 20 years. South African naval guns have benefited from our services for more than 10 years. 
  • Remote turrets – Reutech’s control installations department also incorporates a remote weapon systems division. Setups of different sizes are designed and specialised for use in a diverse range of environments.

Dynamic control systems: get more out of your weapons platforms

High-grade control systems provide you with smoother operation procedures when utilising your weapons installation. Quality components and comprehensive operating environments combine to create a more reliable, intuitive defence platform.

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