Get efficient energy solutions with solar power from Reutech

There's a lot of good to be said for solar power. It's an energy resource with an extremely long shelf life, used on an increasing number of business plants and sites. It's self contained, meaning your facility accesses it entirely from on-site, with no need for bulky transmission lines. Furthermore, solar energy is entirely renewable.

Converting sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic solar power panels, this form of energy generation creates and stores power without the use of moving parts or additional fuels.

With Reutech, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable solar energy on your business site or plant, or even in your home. We provide physical systems, support and maintenance for renewable energy installations in South Africa. Get in touch with us today on 011 652 5634 and discover renewable, self contained energy production.

Discover the benefits of renewable energy with Reutech solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panelling is at the root of one of the most successful forms of renewable energy production in the world to date. Accounting for roughly 16% of the world's total power production, renewable energy systems such as solar power panels offer reliable, 'green' electricity solutions.

A few of the immediate benefits of solar energy production include:

  • Economical – As an energy resource, solar power systems make a lot of sense in terms of money saved. Typically, they produce energy at the same cost as (or lower than) standard power rates. Flat panelled and non-moving, this type of system sustains less wear and tear over time than generators or transmission cabling. It's been noted that a solar panel, if maintained properly, can last a lifetime.
  • 'Green' – These systems have a fairly universal appeal, with sunlight being readily available to convert on most, if not all sites. They're unobtrusive, producing nearly zero emissions and creating no noise, as well as using no water or non-renewable resources. It's an attractive option for businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

However, having a renewable energy system without the support, research and experience to handle it - isn't an efficient solution. With its history in the logistics management and telecoms fields, Reutech offers renewable energy services in the following areas:

  • design, construction, installations, project management, commissioning, and maintenance of grid tied and standalone solar plants
  • environmental impact studies
  • site acquisitions
  • sourcing and supply of solar equipment

Reutech solar panel installations: renewable, reliable energy production

There are numerous advantages to solar power. It allows businesses to create electricity on site, without the wastage and pollution of many other power resources. Reutech Solutions provides these installations and a range of auxiliary services for use in business and private environments. Contact us on 011 652 5634, for access to premium quality solar energy solutions today.