Get cutting-edge power from Reutech renewable energy systems

Your plant or business facility's energy performance is a significant factor in measuring your running costs. Site managers are always looking for practical ways to cut costs on power usage.

For most of them, a self contained, efficient power installation is an extremely attractive idea. In this light, renewable energy systems have become increasingly popular.

Reutech offers products, services and expertise on renewable energy installations, in Africa. We specialise in solar energy services, offering everything from equipment to system studies. Our Midrand Solar Project installation has allowed us to source specialists in this field, as well site-specific research and development data. All of this helps us to deliver superior renewable energy with a wealth of insight and experience.

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Get efficient, low-cost power, with renewable energy systems

Renewable energies is an increasingly popular form of electricity production. Providing an impressive 16% of the total consumed energy in the world global final, it's a cutting-edge industry with a lot of practical solutions on offer.  In the industry of energy production, it's one field with massive potential for future developments in research and integrated systems production. According to predictions by the International Energy Agency, solar panelling could become "the major source of electricity" in the world within the next 50 years.

Solar radiation panelling, like the kind available via Reutech's Renewables division, is one of the flagship variants in the renewable fleet. Available in photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) configurations, these power sources harness the energy of the sun to produce electricity. PV systems generate a current in a flat panel cell during exposure to sunlight. CPV devices use improved, more efficient system optics to direct concentrated amounts of sunlight towards PV cells.

Our renewable energy project services incorporate the following fields of expertise: 

  • design
  • logistics
  • procurement
  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • operations
  • maintenance
  • project management

As an experienced provider of installations, equipment and expertise in telecoms, Reutech Renewables provides professional business services in the following fields:

  • design, construction, installation, project management, commissioning and maintenance of grid-tied and standalone solar plants
  • site acquisitions
  • environmental impact studies
  • sourcing and supply of solar equipment

Save on running costs with a Reutech renewable energy system

Whether it's in sourcing the system itself, site acquisitions or project management duties, Reutech Renewables brings you reliable energy installations. Get in touch with us today on 011 652 5555, and for optimised, efficient power systems and services.