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Defence installations take time and money to set up and maintain. There's a lot that goes into them, as investments, but a lot of use to be had from them, as resources.

Military logistic engineering services emphasise integrated management operations in order to get the most out of your equipment and defence systems. Turnkey packages contain the entire set of products and solutions necessary to install, maintain, upgrade and decommission a military defence system.

Reutech offers a range of specialised integrated logistic support (ILS) solutions for every step in the lifecycle of your installation or system. Tailored to defence industry standards, our engineering and support products provide high-grade operations and maintenance.

When it comes to the longevity of your military hardware and systems, it's always better to plan ahead. Visit Reutech today, for more information on our logistics services and how they could benefit you.

Reutech: integrated logistic support solutions you can rely on

Support services that are integrated like this focus on influencing a given system's design, in order to make it run for longer. If its lifespan is increased, while keeping the running costs either at the same level or lower, a defence system becomes more of an asset. ILS focuses on: 

  • Availability – Depending on the availability of (and need for) parts, your engineering plan can plot out the most cost-effective options without skimping on quality. What you get out of this is the best available engineering systems and product components. 
  • Maintainability and reliability – Repair work is a fact of life with any engineered system. Parts degrade, software malfunctions over time. What's important is to know you’ve got quality components that will withstand a reasonable amount of pressure and use. More than that, it's crucial you have the right resources and skills on hand to repair them when they do malfunction. 
  • Distribution of spares – Of course, eventually a component is going to be used up beyond repair. It's to be expected, and a comprehensive ILS solution will put spares and replacement expertise close at hand in these situations. Mobile installations, on boats for example, need to have parts on-site, as waiting for deliveries could waste too much time. A fixed site, alternatively, could have their parts kept in storage, away from the installation itself, provided the parts are quick to transport. These types of situations are one focus of an integrated logistic support program.

Customisability is, ultimately, what makes engineering services unique and valuable to you. Reutech provides a comprehensive range of full turnkey solutions for the support analysis, planning and optimisation of your defence system. Each and every package is also completely customisable to your specific requirements.

Experience the benefits of Reutech's ILS solutions for defence systems

In terms of the money you'll spend on it, there's nothing more important than the longevity and optimised performance of your equipment. Get in touch with us today for more information on our logistic engineering services and what they can do for your defence system.