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Solar systems represent one of the oldest forms of energy production in the world. They're an innovative source of power, harnessing naturally replenished sun rays to produce sustainable, renewable energy. It's a technology that receives a lot of attention from business plant managers and production site engineers for its economy of use.

Cost effective installation and completely renewable energy production mean these systems keep power costs to a minimum. In addition to this, they keep emissions low and require relatively low amounts of maintenance to operate.

Reutech Renewables, a division of the Reutech Group, provides sustainable energy solutions for a range of site configurations and specifications. Our solar panel offerings include both photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) products, as well as repair, training and maintenance expertise. Visit our renewable energy productions page today for more information on our power production systems and how they can benefit you.

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The Earth receives roughly 174 petawatts of energy from the sun at any one point in time. It's the most pervasive energy source in the world, and more businesses are starting to put it to use every day. In a standard solar panel field, PV cells are used to convert sunlight into electric current via a flat panel. In order to get the most use out of these plates, many users will attach tracking systems on them. Over the course of a day, as the sun arches through the sky, the plates will swivel to face it directly thus maximising the absorption of sunlight. By utilising this system you will therefore receive consistent and cost-effective energy.

CPV devices are installed to augment and improve PV systems. These towers make use of high-powered optics to direct concentrated sunlight onto PV cells. It's a more efficient way of producing energy and is highly popular with plants that employ renewable solar solutions.
There is an increased amount of environmental awareness emerging in both public and business sectors. Solar panelling makes better business sense than conventional energy systems in terms of low emission energy production. The construction of PV cells has extremely low levels of pollution associated with it. Once installed, solar energy systems require minimal upkeep. As mentioned earlier, they also operate with little to no emissions and therefore serve as a responsible and sustainable energy source.

Reutech benefits from a professional history in the logistics management and telecoms industries, with a reputation for experienced, as well as high-quality products and service delivery. We offer renewable energy services in the following areas: 

  • design, construction, installations, project management, commissioning and maintenance of grid tied and standalone solar plants
  • environmental impact studies
  • site acquisitions
  • sourcing and supply of solar equipment

Reutech Renewables’ solar energy systems: alternative energy makes sense.

For any business plant to run effectively, it needs to have a reliable power source. With a solar energy system from Reutech, you can experience self-sustained, renewable energy production at a consistently high level of quality. Contact us for solar products to change the face of your energy usage today.