Get better performance from your network, with professional broadband services

Broadband is an Internet connection range that’s defined by its improved transfer speed over other established network types. It's exploded onto the international market in recent years, providing millions of users and businesses with permanent, high-speed web and network connectivity.

In this vein, Reutech Solutions distributes and manages Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) broadband services and products in South Africa.

As a registered broadband trader, we offer:

  • commissioning
  • installation
  • management
  • supply
  • support services for static networks
  • Node and Network Management System upgrades

For high-speed, reliable network solutions that deliver, broadband connectivity is tough to match. Contact Reutech Solutions today for comprehensive networking products, expertise and services - and get connected.

Reutech: broadband networking solutions you can rely on.

The most notable difference between broadband and its predecessor, dial-up, is in the transfer speeds and data-capacities it offers. Users can now transfer much larger packets of information across a network, at faster speeds than ever before. It's also an attractive option for businesses because of the fact that it doesn’t tie up a phone line while it’s in use. Moreover, Internet-users can make efficient use of Internet phone options such as VoIP technology. Users aren't charged for the duration of their Internet connection, but rather according to a set fee. This means you can use it constantly.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience, Reutech’s Newbridge Division supplies broadband network solutions to a dedicated client base. These include the largest TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) networks in South Africa: Eskom, Transtel (Neotel) and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). With high-demand names like these under our belt, you can expect professional, industry-leading service and support.

Reutech is the only business in southern Africa with the requisite knowledge and skills base to provide broadband network products and support. Our skillsets include accredited distribution of Alcatel-Lucent networking products. We also specialise in Alcatel-Lucent IP Division products and related services.

Nokia Siemens Networks provides Quality of Service (QoS) differentiation and smart device management for broadband networks. Reutech Solutions, as a long-term industrial partner to this business, can provide these networking and telecoms opportunities to its clients.

Our laboratory facilities include hardware and software for:

  • testing network components
  • staging any upgrade
  • simulating network topology

Improve your transfer speed and capacity with broadband network solutions

Reutech Solutions provides NSN and Alcatel-Lucent products and accredited services for a more rewarding broadband network experience. For consistently high-quality connectivity, Reutech offers broadband solutions that really work. Get in touch with us today for high performance network products from some of the world’s top suppliers.