Discover the benefits of solar energy systems from Reutech

Finding a financially viable and sustainable energy source is a common issue in production and industrial environments. In a situation where the efficiency of your operation depends on the reliability of your power source, it&s hard to understate the benefits of renewable power.

Solar energy systems provide a useful alternative to mains-powered electricity. When your power source affects the reliability of your operation, it&s important to get the best.
Reutech provides a selection of turnkey solar energy solutions, suitable for a range of industrial layouts. Our services are geared perfectly to any phase in your installation process. From early assessments through to operations and maintenance, these are comprehensive solutions with a range of benefits. With lowered maintenance costs and little to no excess noise pollution, the reasons this has become such a popular business asset are clear.
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What are the industrial benefits of solar energy?

It’s not hard to understand the attraction in renewable electricity systems for businesses. A large part of it comes down to not having to depend on municipal or government energy providers. During a power failure, every second your machinery is non-operational is costing you money. Solar energy systems are a boon to businesses who want to remain “off the grid”. With all of your power being produced on-site, you can stop worrying about outages that are out of your control.
Other benefits of solar energy include:
  • Low maintenance: most solar installations incorporate very few moving parts. Once your site has its panels, reflectors, mounts and gauges set up, there’s little in the way of breakable or wearable components to worry about. Moreover, with comprehensive documentation available, you’ll have access to best-practice guidelines which will prolong the life of your system.
  • Inconspicuous installations: In an industrial environment, equipment planning comes down to efficient planning and management. Solar panelling can be installed on the roof of most premises. Even with the addition of a CPV reflector, which concentrates solar rays for energy production, these installations are unobtrusive. 
  • Reliable energy storage: Solar energy, in spite of its name, doesn&t depend on sunlight to make electricity available to you. With cutting-edge battery units backing your business up and thermal storage in your solar panels, you&ll have access to power in any weather.
With nearly zero emissions from the production of electricity, these systems are as environmentally friendly as they are efficient and reliable. Log onto Reutech today, and get solar energy systems that work for your business.