Defence system logistic engineering services, from Reutech

In fast moving business sectors such as the defence industry, productivity is an extremely important factor.

Equipment, software and backup and support plans all need to operate at optimum capacity for their whole lifespan in order to be a viable purchase. If you're getting anything other than the best performance from these assets, you are running at a loss. Logistic engineering blends maintenance and equipment repair, systems upgrades and training sessions into a comprehensive services package for the lifecycle of your product.

Reutech Solutions offers an extensive range of logistic support solutions used in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and other government agency systems. These services are an international quality, and are also used in foreign installations. Defence systems are big investments – we know how important it is to know you've got quality support for the lifespan of your product.

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Reutech: logistic support solutions you can rely on

Holistic support solutions are at the heart of any professionally-maintained defence system. Logistics engineering benefits the full lifecycle of any piece of machinery, or integrated system, creating a full-term support and implementation plan. Reutech offers turnkey solutions in this field, services that arrive ready to use and implement as needed.

As a process, it influences your system's reliability and optimum running costs. There's no underselling how important these two factors are when purchasing new defence equipment, or in overhauling an existing system. If you can reduce your operations costs, and ensure your product will operate for longer, the benefits are hard to miss.

Reutech improves and streamlines the running of defence systems with the following professional services and products:

  • Logistics engineering – These products improve the preparing and initialising of new equipment designs in military scenarios.
    • REW (Reliability Engineering Workbench)
    • RELEX Reliability Analysis Tool
    • EDCAS
    • V-Metric
    • MAAP
    • SPAR
    • @risk
    • Bespoke spreadsheet models
    • Bespoke MS ACCESS models
    • SASANQUA 91388-2B Database
    • LS2000 (FRANCAS Database)
  • Integrated logistic support – Even professional engineering requires comprehensive servicing. Equipment degrades over time, but with the right maintenance solutions, you can improve and even prolong its lifespan. Get support for the following systems and equipment today:
    • Ground Radar
    • Airborne Radar
    • Maritime Radar
    • Tactical communications
    • Communications networks
    • Telemetry systems
    • Fare Collection systems
    • Optical Radar trackers
    • Gun control systems
    • Gun and fire control systems
    • Satellite communication equipment
    • Avionics products
    • Shipborne communication systems
  • Documentation and training development – Part of your support plan might be to bring the maintenance and upgrading of your system in-house. Reutech's documentation facilities bring the relevant information to your employees, so that you can train up your own support team. With technical manuals and outcomes-based, SAQA-accredited training courses, you've got all the documentation you’ll need.

Improve and maintain your defence systems with logistic solutions

Reutech's motto, "design the support and support the design", is easily seen at work in our logistic engineering services. From beginning to end, these are turnkey solutions that offer everything you'll need to get the most out of your defence system. Visit our website today for more information on these professional services.