Choose Reutech for high-quality broadband network products

Broadband network connectivity allows large amounts of data to be communicated at high speeds.

This is usually done by carrying multiple channels across a shared wire, simultaneously. It&s become a popular service with growing and larger businesses looking for network products that improve productivity and communication.

Reutech has been providing high-quality network solutions and communications tools since the establishment of its Newbridge Division in the year 2000. As a registered distributor of Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-Lucent products, it sets a high bar for data transfer speeds and quality.

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Get connected, with Reutech Solutions and Alcatel-Lucent products

Reutech&s Alcatel-Lucent systems, devices and services include:

  • network products – With Reutech, you’ll have the following useful tools to choose from:

    • access products and carrier Ethernet
    • carrier VoIP
    • Convergence/IMS
    • enterprise
    • fixed and mobile applications
    • IP/MPLS and ATM Networks
    • mobile
    • network
    • optics, and wireless access and transmission
    • service management and OSS/BSS
    • voice and multimedia
  • access products – Alcatel-Lucent video, voice and data solutions include:

    • access gateways
    • access management
    • DSL CPE
    • DSLAMs
    • fibre access
    • IP access
    • multiservice access and business access
    • multiservice access and voice NG DLC and wireless access
  • Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS & ATM Networks – Some of the products and services available from Reutech in this category are:

    • routing and switching equipment for carrier networks (core, edge, aggregation, customer edge and management
    • Carrier Ethernet switch/routers
    • IP/MPLS routers
    • MSWAN platforms and associated network and service management systems
    • multiservice WAN switches and service-aware Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS network management
  • Carrier VoIP, Voice & Multimedia - VoIP, Voice and Multimedia from Alcatel-Lucent include:

    • applications
    • gateways and switching solutions for fixed and mobile, voice and data traffic

    Additionally, products and network solutions on offer incorporate:

    • carrier voice/multimedia network management
    • media gateways
    • mobile core switching
    • public TDM switching, signaling and softswitches
  • Convergence/IMS – Reutech offers applications and services, network management and high-quality controls for converged IMS networks. Products include network and session management.
  • enterprise – Alcatel-Lucent’s network equipment and services provide:

    • enterprise communication servers
    • enterprise mobility products
    • LAN, WAN and WLAN platforms
    • enterprise network management
    • WAN multiservice access
    • enterprise network security
  • network, service management & OSS/BSS – Reutech offers the following management services and solutions:

    • customer care
    • billing and payment products
    • customer experience management products
    • management of optical networks packet/data networks 

Is your business benefiting from Reutech’s network product range yet?

Reutech provides quality supplies and a range of services that have been field tested on some of South Africa’s largest business networks. These include Eskom, Transtel (Neotel) and the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). This kind of expertise speaks for itself in the business environment, when it comes to comprehensive data networking solutions.

Visit Reutech today for a wide range of broadband Alcatel-Lucent network products and services.